Governing Documents

Coral Canyon Governing Documents
Articles of Incorporation
The purpose of the Articles of Incorporation is to: 
  • Bring the corporation into existence
  • Define its basic purposes and powers.
The Bylaws address such topics as:
  • Requirements for membership in the Owners Association
  • Membership Meetings
  • General powers & duties of the board
Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
The purpose of the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are to:
  • Define the portions of the development owned by the individual owners and those owned by the Owners Association.
  • Create interlocking relationships binding all the owners to one another and to the Owners Association for the purposes of maintaining, governing,and funding  the development.
  • Establish protective standards, restrictions, and obligations in areas ranging from architectural control to prohibitions on various activities in order to promote harmonious living.
  • Provide the mechanism for financial support of the Owners Association through assessments.
  • Provide for a transition of control of the Owners Association from the developer to the owners.
Tract Declarations
Tract Declarations incorporate new phases into the association, as they were built.  
  • They disclose additional rules specific to the phase, and establish policies for any exclusive amenities. 
Design Guidelines
Design Guidelines:
  • Establish the aesthetic theme of the community
  • Are meant to preserve the curb appeal that originally attracted each owner to their purchase in the community.
  • Set design and aesthetic standards to preserve the tremendous amount of thought and design that went into creating the community.
  • Keep or increase value of properties in the real estate market.
Exhibit A- "Community Standards, Policies & Rules "
The Exhibit A, "The Rules" summarizes the rules set forth by the CC&R's, Bylaws, Tract Declarations, Design Guidelines, Approved Plant List, and any additional Resolution.
Amenity Use Policy
Amenity Use Policy 
Amenity Use Policy discloses the rules and guidelines for use of any amenity or common area of the association.  
Approved Residential Plant List
Approved Residential Plant List: 
  • Establishes the plant species permitted on the properties and where they can be located.
  • The selection of permitted species is based on the original design and concept of the community, water usage, drought resistance, acclimatization, related nuisances/maintenance, disease, rodent/insect attraction, type of roots, location, debris, safety, unsightliness, long term circumstances or any other related circumstance.
  • If you wish to plant a species that is not on the Approved Plant List, you may submit a request to the Design Review Committee.  If the species is approved after review, it will be added to the list. 
  • This list is a living document and is regularly updated and reviewed by the Design Review Committee, the community Landscapers, Management Team and the Washington City Water Conservancy District and Horticultural Department. 
Violations Process
Violation Process sets the guidelines and policies regarding a violation to any policy, rule or guideline by any owner, resident or guest thereto.
Resolutions are any rule or policy implemented by the Board of Directors.
  • Resolutions do not require a vote of the community.  The Association does notify the community of any change in the Community Newsletter, and the new policy will be enforced 30 days from the date of notification. 
Social Media Policy
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